Rating: 9 / 10
Code: S064


  • 2017 luxury sailing catamaran with massive space and comfortable seating
  • Feature: 4 cabins with double beds and en-suite baths, open kitchen, sunbathing area
  • Pick up: Aberdeen / Sai Kung / Causeway Bay (Please consult us)
  • Capacity: 18 people max. (excluding crew)
  • Crews: 2pax

Length: 45 feet / 13.70m
Down Payment: 50%


  • Day Charter 8 hours (10:00am - 6:00pm): $29,500
  • Overnight Charter: $55,000


  • Air Conditioning
  • 4 cabins, double beds and ensuite baths
  • Open Kitchen
  • Luxury Salon
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Front Sunbath Area
  • Life Jackets

Prices are subject to change on special occasions, such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, National Day, New Year Eve, Firework nights, etc.




4 hours Speedboat Package (Wakeboarding / Banana Boat) - HK$5,000
2 hours Jet Ski - HK$5,000
4 hours Wakesurfing - HK$7,200

Terms And Conditions

<ul type="disc" data-v-6b8b6b2a="" data-v-0b348352=""> <li data-v-6b8b6b2a="" data-v-0b348352=""> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">Covid 19 Special Arrangement</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">Due to the repeated occurrence of Covid-19 virus, you must agree &amp; accept the following terms for proceeding a booking.<br data-v-6b8b6b2a="" /><strong data-v-6b8b6b2a="">"No refund for all confirmed booking. If the service fails to deliver due to the anti-epidemic policy by the government, reservation can only be rescheduled and no refund will be provided."</strong></p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">The arrangement based on the following terms:<br data-v-6b8b6b2a="" /><br data-v-6b8b6b2a="" />1. If the original boarding date is on weekday, the rescheduled day must also be on weekday. If the original boarding date is on the weekend, the rescheduled day must also be on the weekend.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">&nbsp;</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">2. Any difference in rental fee between the rescheduled day and the original reservation date, will not be refunded. Customers may only reschedule the boarding date once, such rescheduled date to be within 6 months from the original date. If the customer has not rescheduled within this period, the customer will be deemed to have forfeited 100% of the rental fee.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">3. In the event of rescheduling due to the foregoing, we will not accept any change of bookings.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a=""><strong data-v-6b8b6b2a="">Rental Terms</strong></p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">1. Number of guests on board should not exceed the maximum number of guest of the boat.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">2. Notification is needed in advance if lessees would like to bring large equipment on board, included but not limited to audio, cookware equipment and etc. Otherwise, vessel owners reserve the right to refuse.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">3. Please arrive the pier on time. Booking will be automatically terminated if lessees do not show up after two hours of the designated time. Lessees should still pay the full rent as agreed.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">4. Routes will be subjected to the weather condition on the boarding day, any additional fee will be paid to the vessel owner directly.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">5. The price listed on website is only for entertainment use, for other special use such commercial promotion or wedding party, please contact us for price quotation.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">6. The lessees shall be responsible to meet the cost of repairing any damage caused to the boat, and of repairing or reinstating or replacing any its parts damaged or destroyed (fair wear and tear excepted), stolen or removed during the use of the boat.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">7. If service providers are unable to offer the free facilities and service listed, service providers would try the best to provide an alternative which can provide same level service and facilities, however there would not be any compensation. If the service providers are unable to offer the extra paid facilities and service, guests can accept the arrangement or reject the offer to receive a refund of the extra paid service.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">8. If mechanical problems occur during the trip, captains should send guests back with all efforts. If the usage time had reached half of the total rental time, or the vessel had arrived the desired destination, rescheduling will not be offered. Bookings can only be rescheduled to weekdays, or proportionally refunded.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">9. Lessees should take care for their own properties. Seayou &amp; Vessel Owners are not responsible for any damages or loss. Please seek for police's help if needed.</p> <p data-v-6b8b6b2a="">10. Lessees can purchase extra insurances if it is needed.</p> </li> </ul>

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